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A bank of knowledge on various technologies.
It is an IT services company, with growing business capabilities in web applications, mobile applications, market research data, online marketing domain, web & graphic development. We are able to adopt new technologies early, and work through refined processes to keep our clients happy, and in turn their customers happy. Our primary objective to develop applications for the future.

Why choose Us?
• We come with 5+ years of industry experience in software development.
• A team of over 10+ professional developers.
• Early adopters of advanced level technologies.
• Proficient in Software Migration.
• Practise code reuse that can greatly improve productivity.
• Full control and Transparency of the SDLC process.
• Reduced defects and shorter turnaround time.
• Matured processes and methodologies.
• Flexible delivery model.
• Tailored-made, cost-effective and scalable solution.
• Flexibility in working across time-zones.

Here,we believe our responsibility extends beyond just project deliveries but giving right guidance and sharing relevant knowledge with our clients, empowering our employees to handle complex situations at work, and create a culture of fun and learning in the organisation. To fullfill our business commitments is our duty but do it with righteousness ,with clarity and prudence has always been our forte.

Founded: 2011


Software Development

We believe that software development should not be restricted to only code creation and project delivery. It is inclusive of an accurate comprehension of the client’s requirements and business goals and, on the basis of this comprehension, recommendations of a cost-effective solution with a fine blend of technology.

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Software Maintenance

In the current environment, business practices, policies, and execution methodologies keep undergoing changes even as newer and better technologies emerge. In such a scenario, one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations is to manage IT to keep in step with the business, while capitalizing on current assets.

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Software Re-engineering

Any established product becomes obsolete in due course of time. Such a product catalyzes product support and upgrades. This catalysis is difficult and expensive. The solution is to build a product for a wide segment of potential clients. Consequently, several business owners aim migration of their products to a mainstream technology and new platform.

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Online Health Solutions

Learning Online

Product Application